Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sloan Holiday Party

Reporter : K2

It was very hard time in my life. Even though I spent a lot of time in overseas up to now, studying at Stanford GSB put me in very difficult circumstances - studying in native English, devating with incredible students from over 20 different countries, coping with hectic academic life, expanding networking even in busy life, overcoming culture shock..... I noticed such things would happen before leaving Japan for USA; however, the burden on my shoulder was much more than expected. I can say it was a good experience to have harsh burden; however, only people who experienced those things knows how hard it was.

Sometime I felt loneliness especially when I strongly felt burden from the above hard situation. When I need comfort from my family, they were not around me as I left them in Japan. However, what I found here at Stanford and what is now my precious fortune is my frineds here. All students at Stanford GSB was selected from a lot of candidates, thus their career background and academic record are great. What makes me feel "they are my fortune and part of my family" is their integrity and being humble. All people here is very coorperative and never be competitive nor selfish.... This experience opened my eyes what is important in our life and this experience will surely enrich my private and business life following this program. They give me comfort and make me more humble guy with pure integrity. Everybody is eager to contribute to class thus class becomes more enjoyable and comfortable place for all of us.

We finished yesterday our autumn term and had a Sloan Holiday Party at Schwab Residentical Center (located on Stanford Campus). It lasted for almost 5 hours. However, I felt time passed so quickly.... I learned before that if people really enjoying something, she/he feels time passes so quickly. In the meantime, if people should feel a difficulty in killing time, he/she feels time passes so slowly.

I do not know who made this idea; however, we sung a song, which we sung during our west coast trip in November. We can say that this song becomes a theme song of Sloan 2008! The title of song is " My Way". Yes, this song is famous - a song with lyrics written by Paul Anka and popularized by Frank Sinatra.

We spent 4 months together and will spend another 6 months from now. We will have hard time and pleasant time. We can share those time so that impact from hard time becomes less and pleasant time will be more great time. Each student will capture the things in different way and it will become each persson's root to grow up their tree further. They will find their own way for further career and private life. I wish we can repsect ways of others and can sing the song "My Way" again before graduating from Stanford and even after the graduation somewhere in the world. This is really a fun for our classmates and big fortune in our life.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to Stanford Sloan Diary - Class 2008

Welcome to Stanford Sloan Diary - Class 2008. My name is Kazuomi Kaneto. I am the founder of this blog. The purpose of launching this blog is originally to record our diaries for ourselves.

However, we decided to open a door to public as well since we believe doing so would be informative to people interested in our program and student life at Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford GSB) Even though we have a official website of Sloan Program at Stanford GSB, it is difficult for applicants to understand deeply our activities and studnets life of Sloan students (Sloanies).

This blog contains messages to almuni, its family and guys interested in Stanford GSB. We will also includes information about our program, our business school and communities surroundinng Stanford University.
Sloanies and its partners will post his/her diary on this blog. (our goal is one diary per day) and wish this blog will become informative and creative one to above people. Sloan program 2008 commenced from August and will end in July 2008.

I alwas remind myself that I need to find a fortune every day. Even thoughit it is a small fortune, I am happy to find such small fortune. This though make me a fresh and remind me that I am living invaluable life and give me clues to enrich more my life and my perspective. I believe everyone has small fortune every day and it is possible that this blog reminds us every day what his small fortune is.

I wish we can share with you the above thought and that more people become interested in our program and our business school.