Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Sloan life...

Reporter: Alex Jensen,

Here we are entering May and I find myself in two minds about our sloan year coming to an end. Part of me is gripped with a kind of panic at not having the community of 53 confidantes only a spontaneous conversation or hug’s length away. Another part of me is really ready to launch back into my company and start adding value again. I have spent some quality time recently reflecting on what my major take-outs are from this year and I realize with delight that I’ve actually made progress on all the objectives I came with. I have renewed my passion for making a difference in the world of energy; I know how I will communicate who I am to a team of 1000 people; I no longer recoil from words like power, success and ambition. But there have been other benefits that I hadn’t foreseen. I have been utterly compelled by my entrepreneurial classmates who had the imagination to create a vision, the guts to fail and the self-belief to succeed. I needed some of that and I thank them for their inspiration. I have also been inspired by my female classmates who have shown me that you can be both feminine and powerful; a good mother and a tough leader; strong-willed and humble. I leave Stanford confident that my yin and yang are better balanced than ever. I can’t wait to test it all out in the workplace.

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