Saturday, March 1, 2008

90% of my time at Stanford GSB

Reporter : Kristine Whiteman

This week I had the privilege of standing in front my classmates and addressing them as I introduced Michael Isikoff. “Distinguished colleagues,” I said, practicing for our certain future. I realized as I spoke that it’s true right now.

I think 90% of the time school is exhilarating and marvelous and one of the best inventions of the modern world. 10% of the time it sucks and threatens to take me down.

The grass is certainly always greener isn’t it? I have had a number of convos this week with classmates who are ready to go back to work. The novelty of school has worn off, we’re tired of spending rather than earning, and it starts to feel like the world is whizzing past and all we’re doing is sitting here, observing instead of participating.

This year is especially tough for a crowd that’s used to doing and not just being. Being a group member instead of the obvious group leader; being the person getting talked to all the time instead of doing the speaking; being told where to go and when and how much is expected, rather than getting to set all these benchmarks for ourselves and the teams we’re running; being the learner instead of the teacher; in short, being the participant instead of the instigator.

Of course these are all good lessons. Of course we have willingly set the stage to take on this training. Its just not always that fun or easy. Our 2nd (& a ½) term is almost complete. One more to go. Unbelievable. Astonishingly amazing and wonderful.

Let’s hang in, yeah…fellow Sloans? Let’s continue on our quest to be extraordinary. Let’s be remarkable.

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